Custom Build

Welcome to the capitol custom section. Here you will find no frame or bicycle models. You will not find a set structure as to what we build. Here we encourage you to think of your new frame as a blank sheet of paper. No guidelines or prefabricated ideas to funnel you into what we choose to build for you. Rather take your blank sheet of paper and use it to create the ideal frame suited to your exact needs. Whether it’s a superlight rainy day road race frame with fender mounts and disk brakes, a belt drive single speed rigid 29er or anything in between just let us know. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

The Process:

Your custom frame begins with a conversation where we’ll discuss tubing and other options to dial in your new frame / bicycle.


Proper fit is something we pride ourselves in. We use our own proprietary in–house cad system as a fit calculator. How you ride, how you’ll use your new bike is all factored into the design and fit of your frame. Once the fit process is completed our system will render a final print.


Fabrications begins with tubing selection, quality inspection and set–up. No automated machining or tooling goes in to a custom one off frame. A grinding wheel, files and hours of handwork are used to insure proper fitment / mitering of all tubes and junctures. All steel frames are available either tig welded or filet brazed. Titanium is tig welded only. We also offer lugged frames which are on a quote by quote basis.


Following the weld process digital gauges are used on our granite leveling table to guarantee frames are straight and true. Final inspection of all welds and brazing are completed before post–weld heat treatment where required. Reaming and facing the head tube, bottom bracket and seat tube are completed along with tapping all threads to ensure your frame will assemble perfectly. Once your frame is completed it’s off to be cleaned and prepped for painting.


We are lucky to work with two very talented painters. All new frames are priced with two tone custom paint or powder coating.


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