Custom Build

Experience the Advantage of a Custom Build

This is what gets us out of bed each and every morning.

Today, we are going to play with bicycles.

You tell us what you want and we make sure that every tube, every angle, every piece of your dream bicycle is perfect for you in every way.

We have an incredible team who ensure whether you are racing the ‘A’ bunch in your local criterium, cruising to work, trekking around the country or thrashing your local trails, that every pedal stroke will remind you exactly why you chose Capitol bicycles.


This is How We Do It

Run through the Capitol Bicycles Custom Configuration process and then the Capitol Bicycles Body Measurement System right here on our website as the first step.

Or, visit us at home in London KY, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy our peaceful countryside location and we can walk you step by step through our configuration and measurement process

Or, if you are a little far away and want to speak to a real person, we can eyeball each other through Skype and plan your dream Capitol bicycle (and both pretend that we are in a peaceful countryside setting). A cup of coffee is an optional extra, but highly recommended.


The Art of Manufacture

Our Master Craftsman skillfully cuts, grinds, files and miters every part of your frame by hand, ensuring that every tube is meticulously prepared for assembly.

Years of experience are then precisely applied to your frame in the welding process, ensuring a perfect build.

Fillet brazing and lugged construction are options on your dream custom build.


The Perfect Finish

Is it straight? is it square? Don’t worry, you needn’t. This is another part of what we do right, no compromise. Straight and true, perfectly finished, that is our commitment to you.


The Delight of Paint

Our paint guru is Craig, one of Kentucky’s finest.

Decades of experience with the Harley crowd, we are both privileged and proud to have his artistic and talented hand partner the Capitol family. Every creation unique, beautiful and certified. This process takes time, as Craig says “you can’t just bolt it on”.