This is where the rubber hits the road. Choices and options.

Choosing the right material for your bespoke Capitol frame is important for considerations of cost, weight, performance and longevity. We offer both imported Italian tubing and locally sourced, made right here in the USA, high quality tubing. You choose – we use.


Italian manufacturer of fine materials since 1919

• Spirit

(suggested rider weight limit of 200 lbs)
Niobium alloy, triple butted tubing. This super strength steel tubing allows for wall thicknesses down to 0.38mm. One of the lightest steel tube sets available.

• Life and Max

Niobium alloy, triple butted tubing. Similar to spirit. Slightly thicker tube walls and increased variety of shapes and sizes.

• Zona

25CrMo4 asymmetric reinforced steel tubing. Moderate weight, high strength tubes with great reliability and fatigue life.

• Chromor

CrMo4 steel tubing. This slightly thicker version of zona is perfect for track, fixie, and urban commuter frames.


Seamless, stainless steel, triple butted frame tubing. Makes extremely strong, low weight frames. This tubing starts off as billet and is machined and cold drawn to size.


The other Italian manufacturer of fine materials since 1992

• Zero

Air hardened, low carbon microalloy. This extremely strong thin walled, butted steel tubing makes excellent lightweight frames. Tubes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which makes it a perfect choice for fine tuned custom frames.

• Zero Uno

Non-heat treated version of its big brother zero. A slight reduction in tensile strength means slightly thicker tubing and increased weights. Slightly thicker tubing works well for heavier riders.

• K-19 titanium

Seamless, butted 3al-2.5v titanium tubing. Simply the best, most advanced titanium bicycle tubing available.

USA tubing

A selection of high quality tubes in steel, CrMo and titanium. Local means more competitive pricing with no compromise in quality.